Forever Together Marriage Training
Building Your Marriage on a Firm Foundation



Couple's Communication

Gain skills and tools that improve every aspect of your life - with your partner, your family and friends, and with people at work.

COUPLE COMMUNICATION is an easy-to-learn, positive, award-winning educational program that teaches you and your partner practical communication skills to produce, protect, and sustain a vital partnership.

There is a class now forming for January 2020. Please email us for scheduling.

Cost is $125 per couple and includes 4 weeks of classes, 2 workbooks and the mats.


The Marriage Journey Marriage Class begins February 2017. Class is 4 weeks and its all FREE!

Our class sessions include lessons on:

  • The Marriage Cycle
  • Differences
  • Hedges
  • The Love List
  • How to meet your spouse's needs
  • How to have happy marriages
  • How to live fulfilled lives
  • What does the Bible say about marriage
  • Learning the differences
  • The gift of intimacy
  • Communication
  • & Much, much more

Come join other singles and couples for a time of learning and sharing what can make our marriages great. Building Your House



ENGAGED, MARRIED, OR JUST LEARNING ABOUT EACH OTHER! This information is important to you and your partner. Prepare/Enrich is an investment in your relationship. Take an inventory picture of your relationship at this moment in time.

PREPARE is for premarital couples to help you get your marriage off to a better start.

PREPARE-MC is for premarital couples with a child or children, designed to give you a clearer picture of your relationship together and with your children.

ENRICH is for marriage enrichment or marriage counseling. ENRICH will not only keep thigns going, it will give your marriage a new lift...and there is room for growth in every marriage.

MATE is for couples over the age of 50 getting married seeking marriage counseling or going through life transitions such as retirement or making a major move.